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Mystic sunrise with rolling fog
Mount Stol offers great views over the remaining mountains in the ridge. I was spending the night on the other side of the mountain, taking night shots and doing a Milky way time-lapse video. When the morning was drawing near I decided to head to the top of the mountain and to the other side where the sun was rising. The view was well worth the hike.

Beautiful sunrise from the hills above the Mangart saddle.
Mangart mountain is one of the most remarkable mountains in Julian Alps. The highest (and most picturesque) paved road in Slovenia leads to Mangart saddle to the altitute of 2050m. From there you can view the beautiful Fusine lakes.

Running on the ridge
I took the image while I was running on the ridge and pressing the remote controler. The sun was already very bright, giving a nice light to the ridge and the figure.

Sunset in the winter fairytale landscape.

Sunset from Mt. Stol
I really like how the light reaches diagonally towards the upper mountain and the lower part is almost in complete darkness already. The lower ridge is still part of Karavanke mountain range, while the mountain above is already part of Kamnisko Savinjske Alps.

Vivid and magnificent sunset in the mountains.

Male hiker at sunset
Male hiker observing the sunset at the top of the local big mountain. The photograph was taken in Karavanke mountain range in Slovenia.

Cows on the road from mountain pass Vršič
While I was descending from mountain pass Vršič I noticed how the sun was penetrating the clouds just on the turn where the cows were. I stopped and quickly took a few shots.

Golden larches under the Mojstrovka mountain above the pass Vršič.

Mountain silhouettes from Prisojnik

Beautiful sunrise in the winter mountains. Male hiker waiting for the sunrise.

Mystical sunrise on top of the Krvavka hill. You can spot the daffodils on the far right.

Sunset in the winter fairytale landscape.

Foggy view from Bovski Gamsovec mountain

Hiker and a dog at the top of the mountain at Sunset. Beautiful view of Julian Alps.

Self portrait at the Mangart saddle. You can see the road to Mangart below.

Sunrise in the mountains. Early morning as viewed from the top of Draski Vrh mountain with vast landscape below.

The highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav, covered in snow.

At the Saddle
Early morning at saddle "Luknja". It offers great views of the Triglav north Wall. The best time to arrive at the saddle in the summer is around 6 am when the sun gets over the mountains.

Panorama from Mala Mojstrovka
Sun is just setting over the Velika Mojstrovka mountain. The reflection in the snow in the right and the sun beams on the left are making the image well balanced.

Standing at the top
A self portrait on the ridge between Visevnik mountain and Mali Draski Vrh mountain.

View from Mangart saddle on a foggy day.

Night on the mountain
Night on the mountain with stars at full moon. My hometown Jesenice is below in the valley and the highest slovenian mountain Triglav in the background.

Lake Limedes
Fascinating reflections of the Dolomites mountains in lake Limedes on a warm summer evening.

Rateška Ponca is a picturesque peak in Julian Alps. It's reflection at Zelenci is breathtaking.

Vivid sunrise
Mali Draski vrh is a mountain near the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav. It offers amazing views of the ridge of Visevnik mountain and of the vast landscape below. The clouds were very vivid as the sun started to light up the landscape.

This was taken on a lovely summer day from a picturesque mountain range of Karavanke, the peak in the distance is Kofce hill.

A self portrait with my dog and the ducks fleeing the scene :).